ArtScience Museum, Singapore
“Lunar Economic Zone“ screened in “The Universe and Art“ exhibit.

Mori Art Museum
“Lunar Economic Zone“ screened in “The Universe and Art“ exhibit.

National Museum of Norway
“Lunar Economic Zone“ screened in “Architecture in comic strip form“ exhibit.

The Architectural Review
“Lunar Economic Zone“ featured in “Anarchy, state and utopia“ in the Reviews section in December.

Blueprint Magazine
“Lunar Economic Zone“ featured on the front cover of issue 336.

The Fast Company
“Lunar Economic Zone“ published on Fast Coexist in the article “The Port Of The Future, Where The Shipments Come From Space “.

“Lunar Economic Zone“ published in the article “Zhan Wang’s animation imagines China as a trade leader in extra-terrestrial minerals”.

The RIBA president’s Medals
Nominated for the Silver Medal by the Architectural Association.

“Lunar Economic Zone“ screened at V&A Late.

CGarchitecture award
“Lunar Economc Zone” nominated for student film category.

Super Architects
“System D Logistics“ published on Super Architects.

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